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April 13


Join the creatures of the night as guests stroll throughout the zoo sampling the best food and adult beverages the area has to offer. Adults 21+ only.
ID required at the gate.


Zoo Brew is proud to showcase three amazing, local artists this year. Listen to the soulful saxophone of Scott Floyd in the Wannemacher Garden, rock out to J Webb's electric performance in Africa, or relax in the events area with Bryan Harkness' smooth vocals. 

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Bryan Harkness

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J Webb

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Scott Floyd

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Jonathan is blazing down the musical trail with diversity and the ability to cover such a wide spectrum of music. With such a love for all things music, you will find yourself eagerly waiting to see what song he will perform next!

From jazz to 50's rock, blues to country ... Scott Floyd plays it all. Scott is an SFASU grad and currently plays with The Riff Runners band in Lufkin. He can be found performing his popular solo act at venues all around East Texas.

event Sponsors

We are incredibly blessed to be able to count on the support of our donors and patrons. A big thank you goes out to all of our Zoo Brew sponsors.

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