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crissy garrett

Crissy was raised in Linden, Texas and in 2005 received her Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Psychology from SFA. In 2007, she received a Master's Degree in Psychology. She has been with the zoo longer than any other staff member, except for Gordon and Charlotte Henley. She started down the zoo path in 2004 as a volunteer and intern and, in 2005, joined the Education Department as a staff member. Two years later she pivoted and became a keeper, first to the hippos and then to multiple species.

Favorite Animals: Hippos, followed closely by the

tapirs and bay duikers.

Favorite Memory: Witnessing animal births. Baby bird hatchings are special too. Also being featured on the back cover of Texas Highways Magazine with my hippos.

Little Known Fact: I twirled for 18 years and was a Twirl-O-Jack with SFA.

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Favorite Color: Black

Best Quote: Our quality of work is their quality of life.

Who Inspired You?: I originally wanted to be a Marine Biologist. I didn't get my love of animals from my family, but rather a neighbor who was an animal rehabber. She owned a store down the road and loggers would stop in for lunch and bring her rescued animals to rehab. She introduced me to my love of animals. 

Best Advice for Those Wanting to Get Into the Zoo Field: Work with as many different animal species as you can early on so you get exposed to a lot of options. 

Toughest Challenge: Outliving the animals we care for. 


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