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Who are the Friends of Ellen Trout Zoo?


Friends of Ellen Trout Zoo (F.O.E.T.Z.) is a non profit organization that assists the Zoo in a supportive capacity. F.O.E.T.Z. focuses on funding for major expansion and renovation projects in the Zoo's master plan. Giraffes, Rhinoceroses, and Hippopotamuses are featured at the Zoo in exhibits funded by F.O.E.T.Z. 


Membership is a good value for people interested in animal conservation as well as helping to support funding for projects. Community events such as Zoo Boo add to the good will of the zoo. The Zoo Brew is another annual event put on by the Friends of Ellen Trout Zoo to raise funds for the expansion of the Zoo. 

Our mission is to cultivate an appreciation of the natural world and to provide environmental education and wildlife conservationfor the benefit and enjoyment of the citizens
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